The development of Absalom came about due to a number of factors. While in his thirties, Dr. Biernat experienced severe and dramatic hair loss and was determined to find a solution to this embarrassing problem. A natural solution was found and a rapid improvement was noticed by many, so much so in fact that a demand was created for Absalom amongst both patients and friends who had noticed this remarkable transformation. A series of clinical tests was carried out with much success, this coupled with a refinement of the product through exacting standards performed by Dr. Biernat at Eureka Laboratories, gave birth to Absalom.

Independent rigid heavy metal and microbiological tests were carried out and the results were excellent.

Absalom's formula is based on two principle foundations. Firstly, the utilization of an ancient rediscovered Chinese formula, and secondly the application of sound scientific principles that have increased the efficacy of Absalom due to the discovery and application of a totally unique catalytic method of extraction and natural preservation from herbs (without chemicals), vital ingredients essential to hair regrowth.

Absalom Hair Growth Enhancer Treatment has been developed to address the many hair related problems that have been caused from stress and our environment,such as alopecia, androgenic alopecia, psoriasis, female hair loss,poor hair and scalp condition,male pattern baldness. The product is tried and tested and found to be able to live up to the claims it makes. Herbal-Care New Zealand has developed many herbal products for the world market, because herbs have been shown to have many natural qualities in both cosmetics and medicine. 

Hair Loss Treatment

"Absalom" is a scientifically developed formula that stimulates natural hair re-growth. A fine blend of herbs make up the powerful formula which has demonstrated its effectiveness through a thorough testing process.

This treatment, administered daily, will reactivate hair follicles that still have an ability to produce a hair, by stimulating the blood cells and feeding the hair.

Absalom Is A Safe Treatment

Because there are no chemicals, Absalom is able to activate the natural growth cycles without any harmful effects. Absalom is a 100 percent natural product, and has not been tested on animals.

If you have experienced any deterioration from dyes, perms or blow-drying, then Absalom is very good as an ongoing hair tonic for restoring and keeping both your hair and scalp in premium condition. This treatment need only be administered twice weekly.

Before and After

hair loss reversed with Absalom baldness,psoriasis,alopecia,dandruff reversed with Absalom

How Absalom Works

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Absalom Maintenance Pack-1 Month Course - $70.00 USD

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