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The Background Behind Herbal Equine Laboratories The Professionals

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Herbal Equine Excellence Products by Herbal Equine Laboratories have been developed by Dr Myron Biernat, who had a love of horses instilled into him as a youngster by his grandfather in Britain, who also introduced him to various remedies.

Dr Biernat graduated as an Osteopath & Chiropractor in Australia, as well as gaining qualifications in Acupuncture, Kinesiology & Herbalism. He is a member of The British Herbal Medicine Association, University of Oriental Cultures, Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australia, National Osteopathic Research Association of New Zealand (NORANZ) International Society for Osteopathic Practice New Zealand (ISOP), Member of the New Zealand Institute of Acupuncture (NZIA), International Acupuncture Society, American Academy of Chinese Medicine, The Spinal Research Foundation Australia. He began treating horses after he returned to his homeland, following his grandfathers death, using the knowledge left to him and his own knowledge of Kinesiology.

Then, 18 years ago, Dr Biernat discovered a unique method of herbal extraction which resulted in potent, effective and safe formulae.

Dr Biernat came to New Zealand five years ago and established Herbal Equine Laboratories in New Zealand. The herbs for the various formulaes are sourced from around the world and are gaining recognition among owners and trainers in both the sport horse and racing scenes.

Because the formulaes work at the cellular level and are very potent they are non-swabbing and indeed Dr Biernat says that he encourages testing.

All products are patented.

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