Canine Muscle Builder for Canines, Dogs, and Pets

Canine Muscle Builder encourages rapid muscle growth and strength.

Canine Muscle Builder has the ability to help Muscle growth with the inclusion of natural safe plant hormones that have an anabolic effect. Results have been outstanding, not only in promoting Muscle growth and strength, but also in the creation of overall health & well being.

Included in the ingredients are essential fatty acids that hahve anabolic action, containing:
1. Gamma Oryzanol 2. Chromium 3. Creatine
Creatine converts A.D.P (adenosine diaphosphate) back to A.T.P (Adenosine Triphosphate) or muscle energy supply. Also creatine especially in orotate and aspartate form increase muscle size by an infustion of creatine rich fluids, this further istimulates muscle cell growth.
The inclusion of natural safe approved plant homones, with anabolic steriod action enables the formula to act faster and with greater efficacy than using rice oil on its own.

Canine Muscle Builder contains safe natural medicinal FDA Approved organic quality herbs and contains NO prohibited substances. Produced by a unique patented method


Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Catalytic extracts of: Rice Oil combined with a full range of Colloidal Minerals including Antioxidants, and Orotates, Barberry, Olive, Buchu, Kanuka bark, Manuka leaves, plus a full range of Vitamins and Minerals in Homeopathic Proportions

130 ml Bottle - Super Concentrate

Canine Muscle Builder - $35.00 USD
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