F L A M M - O U T
Anti-Inflammation Cream

Out Advanced Herbal Formula Anti Inflammatory Cream

  • An Amazing Breakthrough in the Treatment of Sprains, Muscular Injuries, Cartilage Trouble, Arthritis etc.
  • FLAMM-OUT contains over 12 Herbs & Vitamins, plus a full range of Colloidal Minerals, Antioxidants, Asparatates & Oratates.
  • Contains Natural Herbal Anti Inflammatory Agents.
  • Contains Natural Herbal Substances which Help Repair Tissue Damage and Relieve Pain.
  • Uses Safe Natural Medicinal Quality Herbs which are FDA Approved.
  • FLAMM-OUT is produced by a unique patented extraction method.
  • Directions: Rub into effected area daily.

Flamm-Out - 250 gm Pack - $35.00 USD
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