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Principles of Formulation

Herbal Equine Laboratories Product Formulations & Why We are a World Leader

All of our products contain FDA Approved herbs that are not only chosen for their specific efficacious value in elevating the problem at hand whether it be Muscle Loss, Viruses, Sedative or Tieing up, but also included with them are their family of herbs.

In layman terms what does this mean?

A single herb that is known to help correct a certain problem can be classified as a 'good herb' for that condition, in that when administered it generally produces good results. Now surround that 'good herb' with it's family of herbs and dramatic results occur. A 'good herb' now produces excellent results, and furthermore it becomes a safer herb to use over a extended time, for many reasons. For example a herb that is infused with it's family can carry out it's task far more effectively, so less of the herb needs to be used as it has become more potentized, it's family acting as adjuvents. A complementary process takes place, it draws upon it's family for support. In fact a perfect balance takes place.

Some herbs are antagonist to one another's therapeutic actions. An example of this is Garlic which is a Vasodilator (opens blood vessels) and Lemon Juice which is a Vasoconstrictor. Mix the two together without their family and chaos may reign, while the body sorts the incoming chemical messages out.

Any specific herb that is recommended for a problem such as hairloss we call target herbs. Those that compliment it and enable it to accomplish it's job far more effectively we call adjuvants and or it's family. So in the production of i.e., Muscle Builder we have carefully chosen herbs that are known to enhance muscle growth accompanied by their family and adjuvants.

Furthermore our natural patented extraction method enables us to extract (without heat, alcohol or force) the full potency of every herb, together with their live enzyme, content vitamins and minerals, which is readily acceptable by the body, even with external application.

The Chinese have over three thousand years of cumulative clinical experience of Herbal Medicine, thus this very extensive record of hands on clinical experience is the most reliable source of Herbs and their therapeutic value that we have, especially in long term usage.

The Chinese use the whole plant or plants parts for a very good reason. It is known that concentrated isolate or refined fractions of some medicinal plants can be toxic, how then have the Chinese been able to use these same plants for Millenniums with safety?

As already indicated in Chinese Medicine the whole Herb is used, because they contain elements that appear to neutralise the effects of any toxic substances. Furthermore formulaes that may contain Herbs possessing toxic substances are always combined with Herbs that counteract the effect of those toxins, those allowing the therapeutic effect of the Herb to be delivered without ill effects.

All Formulations are produced by Dr Myron Biernat D.C., D.O., Chd., Dip. Acup. & Master Herbalist, with over 25 years experience, not only in Western Herbs, but also in Chinese, Indian & Tibetan Herbs coupled with his expert knowledge of the Equestrian Field. Dr Myron Biernat has developed a unique method of treatment for the Equestrian Field, known as Synaptic Interaction, producing tremendous results.

Herbal Care's formulaes are all very extensive for this reason.

Muscle Builder Formula Internal Oral Product

Birch, Catnip, Cardamom, Centuary, Chamomile, Dandelion, Dill, Ginger, Juniper, Bladderwrack, Lemon Grass, Marigold, Marshmallow, Rosehip, Senna, Star Anise, Siberian Gingseng, Viola, Walnut, Saw Palmetto, Hawthorne, Horsetail, Wine Vinegar.

These herbs have been chosen for their well known documented safe Anabolic Steroid, Free Radical Scavengers & Enzymatic content plus also ATP Power Pack Performance and Energy Metabolism content.

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