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Try our Muscle Builder on your slowest and weakest 6 month old, 1 year old, and/or 2 year old horses for 1-2 months. Watch them become Faster and Stronger. Watch them become your fastest and strongest horses. Watch their Value Increase.


Muscle Builder has the ability to help Muscle growth with the inclusion of natural safe plant hormones that have an anabolic effect especially loved by yearlings!! Results have been outstanding, not only in promoting Muscle growth and strength, but also in the creation of overall health & well being. Muscle Builder contains safe natural medicinal FDA approved quality Herbs. These herbs have been chosen for their well known documented safe Anabolic Steroid, Free Radical Scavengers & Enzymatic content plus also ATP Power Pack Performance and Energy Metabolism content. Muscle Builder contains no prohibited substances. The unique extraction method of natural plant hormones that produce an Anabolic effect makes this product a World Leader. The method of extraction is patented and cannot be copied.

Included in the ingredients are essential fatty acids that have anabolic action, containing:
1.Gamma Oryzanol 2.Chromium 3.Creatine

Creatine converts A.D.P. (adenosine diaphosphate) back to A.T.P. (Adenosine Triphosphate) or muscle energy supply. Also creatine especially in orotate and aspartate form increase muscle size by an infustion of creatine rich fluids, this further istimulates muscle cell growth.

The inclusion of natural safe approved plant homones, with anabolic steriod action enables the formula to act faster and with greater efficacy than using rice oil on its own.

Muscle Builder Anatomical & Physiological Considerations

To enhance bulk, definition and performance of muscle with a Herbal Mineral regime in conjunction with physical exercise.

a, The formula must be safe.
b, It must be efficacious.

Physiological Considerations of Muscle Builder
That had to be addressed

1, Electrolyte Imbalance
2, Post exercise muscle fatigue
3, Excertional Myositis
4, Diet imbalance
5, Mineral imbalance
6, Genetic disposition
7, Sleep deprivation
8, Abundance of Free Radicals
9, Energy Metabolism

Energy Metabolism

Four forms of Energy present in Living Organism.

1. Chemical
2. Electrical
3. Mechanical
4. Thermal

Only Chemical Energy (can be) is able to supply energy needed by the cells of the body!! Chemical Energy - transformed into three other forms.

1. Mechanical, when a muscle performs.
2. Electrical Energy, when a nerve impulse is transformed & provides Chemical Energy during Synthetic reaction.
3. Body converts 20% Chemical Energy to work Energy the 80% left is Thermal Energy or heat.

Some work energy is converted to heat, this some mechanical work of the heart if converted to heat. In overcoming friction as blood passes through the circulatory system!! To rid itself of excess heat.

It is necessary therefore in order to create bulk, definition and performance of muscle and maintain a healthy balance within the system, much attention has to be given to create a healthy strong heart, specific herbs have been included within the formulation to accomplish this.

Herbal Equine Laboratories unique formula has to create harmony within the system and help create a balance with quick energy release, without the associated waste product muscle tie up problem.

It has to maximise Metabolism, Carbohydrates, Fats, Protein, address Lactic Acid build up, Enzymatic action, regulate Electrolyte balance, Energy Metabolism, eradicate Free Radicals and enhance ATP Cell Power Pack performance.

Herbal Equine Laboratories formula, using the very latest scientific patented method of Herbal extraction, has addressed all known conditions in order to accomplish muscle definition, performance peak and bulk.

All herbs used in the formulae are all medicinally approved herbs, as outlined by the FDA in the USA, and are listed as safe for human use.

Furthermore, because of the unique extraction patented method, only a very small quantity of herbs is used. The medicinal Herbs are used in this formula, combined with their adjuvants in such a way to produce a truly efficacious product, also combining a full range of Colloidal Minerals, Vitamins and Enzymes.

All Formulations are produced by Dr. Myron Biernat D.C., D.O., Chd., Dip. Acup. & Master Herbalist, with over 25 years experience, not only in Western Herbs, but also in Chinese, Indian & Tibetan Herbs coupled with his expert knowledge of the Equestrian Field. Dr. Myron Biernat has developed a unique method of treatment for the Equestrian Field, known as Synaptic Interaction, producing tremendous results.

This product is supplied in 16 fl.oz./500 ml Bottle Super Concentrate, all that is required is 6mls to 10mls daily(depending on the size of your horse or pony). A course of 3 bottles is normally sufficient to show an amazing improvement in muscle tone, definition & bulk.To maintain this condition a maintenance dose of 3mls to 6mls daily is all that is required.

1 Bottle lasts approximately between 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the size of your horse or pony.

16 fl.oz./500 ml Bottle-Super Concentrate

Muscle Builder - $ 55.00 USD
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