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Try our Triple-S Tye Up on your slowest and weakest 6 month old, 1 year old, and/or 2 year old horses for 1-2 months. Watch them become Faster and Stronger. Watch them become your fastest and strongest horses. Watch their Value Increase.

The problem of tye up has plagued the Equine industry for many years. Until now, no product has successfully and consistently addressed the issue. Herbal Equine Laboratories has come to the rescue of this very distressing condition with its Triple-S TYE UP formulae.

Field trials have demonstrated its success in 99% of cases. Elevated readings have returned to normal within a day or so. Gallopers, Trotters, Equestrian etc., have all responded brilliantly to this safe, totally natural product, containing no prohibited substance, enabling them to realise their full potential.

The benefits of Triple-S TYE UP is greater energy, stronger bones, greater joint mobility, firmer muscles, toning & cleansing of all major organs plus lymphatic enhancer, as well as prevention & efficient dispersion of Lactic Acid build up, therefore overcoming muscle inhibition.

Allergy & reaction field trials have shown no allergy reaction to Herbal Equine Laboratories Triple-S TYE UP formulae. We believe so for the following reasons:

1. Any one main herb in Triple-S TYE UP is always accompanied by its family of herbs, thus not only realising its full potential, but also supporting its safety factor.

2. The herbal extraction process allows very rapid & quick penetration of the cell wall; again allowing a very small amount of herbs to be used.

3. The process also renders the herbs in a form that is readily accepted by the body, again adding to the capability of using minute amounts of the herb.

4. Only medicinally approved FDA regulated herbs are used.

5. The formulae works on every system of the body that predisposes to tie up, thus enabling the body's mechanism to maintain normal balance and harmony.

6. The principal herbal ingredient being an extraction from the Kanuka tree (a native species of New Zealand), all other herbs are in Homeopathic proportions and act as either Catalyst or Adjuvants.

A truly safe formulae that works.

Triple-S TYE UP can be used right up to & during racing / competition as it contains no prohibited substances.

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Free TYE UP manual available upon request.

All Formulations are produced by Dr. Myron Biernat D.C., D.O., Chd., Dip. Acup. & Master Herbalist, with over 25 years experience, not only in Western Herbs, but also in Chinese, Indian & Tibetan Herbs coupled with his expert knowledge of the Equestrian Field. Dr. Myron Biernat has developed a unique method of treatment for the Equestrian Field, known as Synaptic Interaction, producing tremendous results.

16fl.oz/500ml Bottle - Super Concentrate

Triple-S Tye Up - $ 65.00 USD
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